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What do I need to pay attention to when downloading a new version of YO WhatsApp APP? What are some frequently asked questions about YO WhatsApp? If you want to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, you can do so with the help of WhatsApp; however, you can also use the official WhatsApp 2 on the same phone in a different way, which is also safe. This blog post explains it in more detail. Previously, you had to root your phone to use the YO WhatsApp APP, but this is now not the case with the latest version of WhatsApp; you can use the YO WhatsApp APP without rooting your phone.

YO WhatsApp App Download new version APK

YO WhatsApp, like the official WhatsApp, will receive updates from time to time, although the way you update the YO WhatsApp APP is different to the way you update the app from the Play shop. If you have already downloaded the YO WhatsApp APP from this website, then you can easily update it.

YO WhatsApp APP offers a variety of options for customising the app, such as changing the theme. there are many themes in the YO WhatsApp APP theme library, and you can even create your own theme. In YO WhatsApp APP, you can hide your online status, i.e. even if you are online, the people in front of you will not know about it. You can also delete Last Seen and Blue Tick from here.

If you are online in the official WhatsApp, everyone can see it, even if you turn off the Last Seen option. YO WhatsApp APP also allows you to disable the option to make video calls or audio calls, which means that the video calling service on your WhatsApp number will be disabled and no one will be able to make video calls with you.

Permissions required in YO WhatsApp APP (Yo Whatsapp) APK 2022


  • Kill background tasks
  • Internet
  • Access to device location
  • Access to WiFi, Bluetooth, camera, microphone, NFC
  • Get account
  • Read contacts
  • Modify audio settings
  • Record sound
  • Send a text message
  • Vibrate
  • Write contact details
  • Writing to external storage
  • Using the map service

How do I update yo Whatsapp?

As you know, Yo WhatsApp is a modification of the WhatsApp app, it is not an official version and therefore you cannot update it via the Play Store.    

Therefore, to update the mod, you have to do it manually, so you have to do it as follows.


  • You have to launch the app on your phone and in the main window you have to select the "3 dots" in the top right corner.
  • Then select "Settings" in the small box that appears, select "Updates" in the new sales and then "Check for updates".
  • If an update is found for the application, it will notify you of the update. Once accepted, the update will occur automatically.
  • By following these procedures, you can download or update the YO WhatsApp APP to the latest version so you can enjoy this amazing mod.

How do I install YO WhatsApp APP without losing my chat history?

If you install the YOWhatsApp APK on your phone, the big question is - will I lose my chats? No, you will not lose your chat history when installing YO WhatsApp APP on your phone. I will explain step by step how to install the YO WhatsApp APP on your phone, so let's take a look at the steps given below.


  • Open the official WhatsApp on your phone and click on Settings.
  • On the next screen click on the Chat option.
  • Now from here select the chat backup option.
  • Now finally click on the Backup button and it will backup all your chats.
  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp from your phone immediately.
  • Now open the file manager application from your phone and change the name of the WhatsApp folder to YO WhatsApp APP.
  • Next you need to install your YO WhatsApp APP, when you get to the interface there is a restore button, click on it to do so, after verifying your number it may ask you to restore your chats.

These are the steps that you can easily install YO WhatsApp APP on your phone without losing the chat. So, let's install it and show it to your friends/family.


Is YO whatsapp safe?

Please remember that millions of people are already using YO WhatsApp APP. despite this, the app took a long time to modernise and therefore encountered many errors and crashes. It is now time to update the app. It is now virus and glitch free. There are no more production issues. It is also completely secure, so you don't have to worry about malware or adware.


Other exciting features of YO WhatsApp APP

Do you like the new features of YO WhatsApp APP? Wait, there's more! We haven't done so yet, so keep calm and keep reading!

  • Send videos up to 700MB: Send large video files. This is no big deal for YoWA.
  • Send images in full resolution: In the original WhatsApp, the resolution of images usually changed when they were sent. YoWA preserves the resolution so you can send high quality images.
  • Sending more than 10 images at once
  • Built-in WhatsApp locker: If you have content in your Messenger that you don't want others to see, then this feature is perfect for you. It locks down what you only need to keep for your eyes.

If you are concerned about your privacy and security when using the YO WhatsApp APP, then you need to make sure you are protected. If you are concerned that someone is working against your WhatsApp account, you should take action immediately. To ensure you are protected from these threats, you should enable two-factor authentication, which allows you to confirm your identity using only your phone number. This will help protect your account from unauthorised downloads.

You can control whether your messages and status are visible to other users from within the YO WhatsApp APP. You can also hide the last seen message and turn on Do Not Disturb mode.


Frequently asked questions on YO WhatsApp APP

What is YO WhatsApp APP?

YO WhatsApp APP is a modified version of the WhatsApp alternative. In addition to the usual WhatsApp features, YoWA has added various customisation features to make your messaging experience even more exciting. If it provides you with features that are not available in the original version.

  • How to update YO WhatsApp APP?
  • Firstly, by clicking on the 3 dots in the apk and clicking on the settings option ,
  • Select and tap on the Help option.
  • At the bottom of the screen click on Application Information.
  • Now Click on the button below to update.


This is all you need to download the new version of YO WhatsApp APP, if you are interested in YO WhatsApp APP, then you can click on the download link in this article to download and experience this interesting YO WhatsApp APP.

YO WhatsApp APP allows you to enjoy the basic and useful features of WhatsApp as well as the incredible additional features. If you are not already using the YO WhatsApp APP, then I recommend that you use this application to enjoy the user features. It has a much more exciting display and chat performance than the original display.